The Day the Music Died – Chapter 2

Here is the second part of my Novella – The Day the Music Died . 


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The Day The Music Died – Chapter 2



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Thanks : Maiden Quill

“She’s dating you for the title you moron” I threw my hands up in the air “I can’t believe you’re this blind”

“Just give her a damn chance Ally” he rubbed his forehead “meet her on Sunday, she’ll behave better. I don’t know what came over her today. Maybe it was her period”

“When I get my period I don’t take it out on people I barely know!”

We were arguing in our usual hangout headquarters. The rooftop of an abandoned building placed conveniently in the middle of our houses. Towards the left was Tate’s two story rented home, always kept relatively cleaner than most around here. To the right lay my three storey bought villa, so broken down and worn out, it looked haunted.

The abandoned building was restricted, but nothing restricted or illegal could stop the losers of Calcutta from much.

I stood on one edge of the roof, my extremely loose shirt and jeans flying in the wind.

“Look, I like her okay” Tate came up behind me and gripped my shoulder “And it’s only been a month or so-“

“She doesn’t love you, you dumbfuck” I turned towards him “You’ll see, give it a few months and she’ll just dump you on the side of the street. Then don’t come running to me”

I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and sighed.

Tate eyed me and squinted “Well then, I sniff a bet”

I thought for a while.

“I bet my next plate of panipooris”

He stopped and smiled.

“I bet the ring”

“Oh my lord” I rolled my eyes “Drop that”

“Come on just take it already, it was expensive!”

“Exactly why I’m not taking it. And look at me, I can’t handle anything fancy, especially not jewelry”

“It’s just a ring?”

“I’m probably gonna loose it if you give it to me, and I don’t want that, yeah?”

“Come on”

I hesitated.

“Fine, but I won’t wear it, rings feel uncomfortable on me”

“Yeah whatever” he smiled “Sunday then?”

“I can’t believe I traveled five hours to spend time with your girlfriend” I rolled my eyes “I don’t know when I’ll be back here”

“You’re always back in a few months” he replied.

“Not for long” I frowned “As soon as Brady goes off to college, my parents will see no point in coming all the way here. Not like they care anyways, but they gotta keep up their public image”

“Well we better make the most of it then” he pulled out his flip phone, dialling in a number ” I’m gonna call the others, see if they can join us. And then we’ll go and sing, how about that?”

“And then I’m gonna write a whole conversation, so that I can play that out with your girlfriend”

“Sounds great” he smirked.

The number rang on the phone, finally the person on the other side picking up “Hello?”

“Brady, Ally got out, we’re on the roof. Wanna join?”

“Yeah, no problem. Should I call the others? I have Dawson with me and Rhi just got out of tutions”

“Yeah, we’ll meet at the pond, my queen’s voice is rusty, she gotta practice” he looked up at me and wrapped me in a hug.

I smacked him on the arm, he stuck his tongue out at me.

“Haha, her voice always rusty, she sounds like SpongeBob on crack” Brady responded.

“I fucking hate you guys”

“You can shove that hate up your lilly, white ass, we gon love you like this, till we die” Tate weaved his fingers through my long curly hair, making it look more untidy than it usually did.

“I hope you die soon then” I laughed.

“I already feel dead guys, final term starts next week” Brady spoke.

“Ah shit, you should study then” I offered.

“Nah honey, not missing you for exams. We get you twice a year for a couple days. We get exams nearly all year” Brady replied, I could see the smile on his face through the cell.

“Aight, guys, no balance, we’ll catch up in an hour. Me and Ally will be waiting near the pond, don’t be late” Tate urged.

“Ohokay cool, see ya”

The call ended with static, Tate flipped the phone back and shoved it in his pocket. “Let’s go then”

He reached his hand out to me, I took it and skipped past the rocks.

“I actually haven’t sung in a while though” I said under my breath.

“So? You’re always good, you don’t have to worry. And it’s us?”

“Yeah, you always say that, but, I don’t know, my Dubai friends don’t like me singing”

“You know what else I say” Tate asked as we approached the broody staircase of the building “I say, fuck them. They don’t even know the real you”

“Well it’s not their fault they don’t know the real me, I just can’t make myself show them”

“Yeah I suppose, but do you really think they’d approve of the stealing? I mean, Kate gets offended when you don’t do your homework, she’ll flip out if she knows the other things you do, you’ll get in trouble”

“Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell them” I said sadly.

“I know honey, but at least you get to complain to me twice a year” he smiled and kissed my hand.

“Yeah, it’s so not worth it” I said sarcastically.

“Of course it isn’t, but the food over here is” he raised his eyebrows.

“Point proven”

I hurried down the stairs, preparing to finally free my trapped vocal chords, not knowing that, that would be the least of my problems in the coming year

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